Mac OS X®

Title Release date Size
Cuelux 1.3.69July 04, 201433 MB
Builder 1.3.45September 27, 201319.6 MB

Microsoft Windows®

Title Release date Size
Cuelux 1.3.69July 04, 201417.8 MB
Builder 1.3.45September 27, 201314.5 MB

Ubuntu Linux

Title Release date Size
Cuelux 1.3.69 (i386)July 04, 201414.7 MB
Cuelux 1.3.69 (amd64)July 04, 201414.0 MB
Builder 1.3.45 (i386)September 27, 201311.0 MB
Builder 1.3.45 (amd64)September 27, 201310.9 MB


Title Release date Size
Cuelux Manual (English)January 12, 20112.6 MB
Cuelux Manual (Nederlands)April 22, 20112.5 MB
Cuelux Manual (Français)January 29, 20112.6 MB
Cuelux Manual (Español)February 13, 20123.0 MB
Cuelux Manual (Deutsch)December 07, 20101.7 MB
Builder Manual (Deutsch)July 18, 20112.9 MB

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